1.9 Mini Knuckles

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DravTech 1.9 Mini Knuckles

The DravTech 1.9 Mini knuckles are a licensed Dlux Fad design and are designed for the SvUsZero axles, the SvUsZero Chubs and Axial Wraith/XR10 universals.

The knuckles has build in weight holders. Each holder can hold 5 tungsten slugs. You can use the DravTech tungsten weights, or the Derby Pinewood 0.5 oz cylinders. The knuckles weight about 92 g (3.25 oz) with 5 tungsten slugs.

The knuckle weight holders are designed to place the weights nice and low. Due to this, normal 1.9″ wheels cannot be used. Please use the 1.9″ Tri-Blade Cyclone CF Wheels to be able to use these weight holders.

The knuckles uses large bearings and balls + bearings instead of kingpin bushings.

The knuckles are made on order, so it will take about 2 weeks from you order before your order will ship.

The package contain:

  • 2 Knuckles
  • 2 CF weight retainers
  • 4 Knuckle balls
  • Stainless hardware
  • Fast Eddy Bearings


Additional information

Weight 80 g
Knuckle color

White, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green