MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit, All Vaterra Ascender, K10/K5/Ford Bronco #16180

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“What a cute little truck,” is what you will say after first laying your eyes on the Vaterra Ascender; but what you will find out is that this little guy will rip up the ground and subsequently rip up center drive axles in the process! That’s why we have taken our crawler, race, and bash proven X-Duty splined drive lines and strapped them in to this little package. More crawling, less maintenance, and 100% Made in the USA, simply can’t go wrong upgrading your Vaterra with MIP center drives!

Vaterra Ascender

Durability Proven X-duty Design

Made from High Grade Alloy Steel
Heated Treated
Spline Drive Technology
All Metal Design
100% Made in the USA

(2) MIP Confetti Sticker
(1) MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet
(1) MIP Inst. Sheet Vaterra
(1) MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup
(4) SHSS 8-32 x 1/8” Flat Point
(4) SHSS, M3 x 4mm Flat Point
(4) 3/32 x 5/8” Cross Pin
(4) 1/4” x 3/8” Coupling
(1) Male Bone, CVD™, C-Drive
(1) Female Bone, CVD™, C-Drive
(1) MIP Diff Drive Hub, Beam
(1) MIP Front Diff Drive Hub
(1) MIP Rear Diff Drive, Short Hub
(1) MIP Rear Diff Drive, Long Hub

1.5mm Allen Key – (Suggest #9007 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 1.5mm)
2.0mm Allen Key – (Suggest #9008 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 2.0mm)

Vaterra K-5 Blazer Ascender (#VTR03023)
Vaterra K10 Pickup Ascender (#VTR03090)
Vaterra Ford Bronco Ascender (#VTR03031)

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